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MHRE Inc. is a client-focused, full spectrum specialty brokerage firm that includes investment sales transaction and exclusive client representation for single MHC assets and portfolios, acquisition, valuation and advisory, investment portfolio review, and 1031 exchange solutions.

Credibility and reputation uphold our commitment to producing a prime group of viable investors from our exclusive, most comprehensive client database. Our presence in the national marketplace and experience marketing Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle asset classes offers our clients a smooth transactional process with the highest net return.

At MHRE our #1 priority is to net our clients more money for their communities with a seamless process starting with the valuation and ending with an on time closing with no delays or renegotiation of price. Our platform will expose your community confidentially or publicly, depending on the platform that best suits your needs, to the largest target audience of pre-qualified investors who will be extremely interested in pursuing the addition of your community to their existing portfolio. This process will create multiple bids in which our clients gain the advantage of leveraging our expertise to drive the sales price of the community to the absolute highest the market will demand.

MHRE’s proprietary marketing, repositioning and disposition platform strategically drive the entire marketing and sales process to ensure the highest probability of achieving your objective. The process starts with a FREE VALUATION of your community or portfolio. As a client it is our duty to advise you as to exactly what your community is worth and address all of the financial and physical characteristics that the valuation is predicated upon. At MHRE, we our known for our superior underwriting which allows us to leverage our expertise on your behalf.

As manufactured housing and recreational vehicle specialists, it is our goal that your community receives the utmost personal attention and strategic marketing effort which includes:

  • Perform an in-depth property analysis for each distinctive property
  • Thoroughly review and analyze all due diligence documents associated with the property
  • Provide superior underwriting and financial modeling
  • Research, study, analyze and convey market data
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing plan for the property utilizing either MHRE’s proprietary “public” or “confidential” platform
  • MHRE is the only brokerage firm utilizing a “real time” marketing status report for its clientele

Selling Your Community By Owner = Leaving a Lot of Money on the Table

Many community owners believe that they can sell their community themselves and net more money because they do not have to pay a commission. Unfortunately this usually is not the case! Harnessing the expertise of MHRE an owner can protect themselves from the following possibilities:

  • Selling their property for less than it is worth. Many times, for substantially less than it is worth.
  • Selecting a buyer that offers you “full asking price” when they know all along that they are going to try to renegotiate price during or after the due diligence period.
  • Entering into a purchase agreement with business terms that cost you more closing costs than it should. There attorney may not be aware of terms that can be negotiated in your favor.
  • Accepting an offer with Seller Financing with a buyer that you think is qualified, when in fact he is not, exposing you to the possibility of foreclosing on the property which may have a far less NOI then at the time of sale.

Never Accept An Unsolicited Offer

Many community owners make the mistake of accepting an unsolicited offer on their community. When an unsolicited offer is presented, ALL OF THE LEVERAGE is in the buyer’s corner. They have direct contact with you and are allowed to tell you why they are the “best” buyer and have the opportunity to ask you questions that you think have no value, when in fact they are questions that leave dollars on the table. Furthermore, they know they have no one to compete against. Even a large portfolio owner can make the same mistake selling to another larger portfolio owner or REIT. They never start at the highest price they will pay and they rarely ever get negotiated to that price. Most of the time there is another buyer that will pay far more than the unsolicited offer. 10 times out of 10 MHRE will net the owner more dollars than the unsolicited offer.

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