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Properties For Sale

Price: $2,300,000

Georgia 2 Park Portfolio

Location: Tifton, Georgia

sites: 154

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Price: $3,300,000

Thunderbird Village

Location: Springfield, Michigan

sites: 144

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Price: $2,600,000

Creekview MHP

Location: Greenville, Michigan

sites: 84

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Price: $225,000

South Central Mobile Home Park

Location: Tifton, Georgia

sites: 42

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Price: Confidential

Confidential MHRE #009

Location: , Michigan

sites: 175+

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Price: $9,500,000

North Carolina 2 Park Portfolio

Location: Angiers, North Carolina

sites: 144

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Price: 5,700,000

Confidential MHRE #010

Location: , Ohio

sites: 100+

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Price: $1,600,000

Martin’s MHP

Location: Youngstown, Ohio

sites: 131

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Confidential MHRE #004

Location: , Kansas

sites: 140+

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