As demand continues to accelerate for the MHC asset class, opportunities continue to tighten. The majority of MHRE’s clients select our confidential marketing platform which restricts the access of that listing to the public. In order to access these listings, you must sign a Principal or Broker Confidential Agreement on our site. Once you have completed signing a Confidential Agreement, a follow-up call will be implemented to discuss more detailed information on your investment criteria so we can make sure you are properly aligned with our “target audience” for communities that match your criteria.

MHRE also offers exclusive buyer representation on a geographical basis. Geography is on a state-by-state basis, with a retainer fee implemented for each state. MHRE dedicates one of its associates to work exclusively on your behalf for off-market opportunities.

For more details on this platform, please contact Christopher Nortley at (586) 884-8416 or email him at

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