South Bend Tournament Scores – June 10th-12th

Well, the Kings are in the championship game tomorrow at 11:30. Every team came to play this weekend.

Game Results:

Game 1
MHRE Kings 5  – Octane 06 Lucania 4
Game 2
Kings 7 Super Series 5
Game 3
Kings 6 Pro Ambitions 5 ( this is the Chicago fury team under another name. Ranked top 10 in the country)
Game 4
Kings 7 ND – Hockey Selects 6. This game was better than watching a NHL game. We went down 2-0 in the first period then our coach called our 1st and only time out and was livid on how they were playing. This team was facing elimination. If we won we received a Sunday morning bye. If we lost we needed to play early Sunday morning for a semi final.

During the game there were 5 lead changes. In the 3rd with 4 minutes to go we were down 5-4 then tied the game. 1 minute later ND scored to make the score 6-5. 2 minutes on the clock the Kings tied the game at 6-6. With 20 seconds left we had a face off at our end. Chase Nytray ended up getting control of the puck and instead of dumping the puck in their zone to give us the tie he made a forward pass right on the tape of Lucas Vanvleet (our stud) who had a break away and scored with 5 seconds left on the clock.

The place went nuts!  Best game I ever watched these kids played with so much heart and guts.